Owls Hollow Farm



Owls Hollow Farm is located North of Gadsden in Turkey Town, Alabama and specializes in Certified Naturally Grown or uncertified organic vegetables and herbs.  We are a farm to table provider of fresh naturally grown produce year round.  With our float, drip and NFT hydroponic system that runs all year we can grow spring and summer vegetables in the colder months and fall and winter vegetables in the warmer months in this controlled environment. This also allows us to plant and grow in a more dense environment than most traditional farms. This allows us the flexibility to grow a large variety of vegetables and herbs year round. We also grow summer and winter vegetables outside of the green houses in fields which have plastic culture raised beds and drip tape so we can irrigate out of our wells.

We are a high tech farm so we can control the water, heat, cool and what our plants are fed. These modern conveniences help make our farm more sustainable and efficient. We believe that we should leave the land, streams and springs better than when we got here. We have a huge variety of vegetables that we provide year round to the public at farmers markets as well as providing our naturally grown produce to several Birmingham restaurant’s. We have a long history of growing vegetables between the three families that are supported by Owls Hollow Farm. All of us grew up on family farms and believe in preserving the environment.

Rod Palmer and Phil Davis have been hydroponic farming since 2000 and Mike Clark came to help with marketing and growing the business in 2012. Owls Hollow Farm offers corporate markets, farm box programs (CSA), and outside farmers markets around North central Alabama.

We have formed a small farmers co-op with a couple of other farmers to provide fresh fruit, and a higher variety of vegetables. We all grow with the most organic practices we can because we eat it too. Thanks for stopping by.