Corporate Programs

IMG_0066Our Corporate Market Program

We offer corporate markets to businesses that are large enough to support the program.  We will give you a turn key process where we come and set up on your site once a week to offer your employee’s fresh naturally grown produce year round.  Your employees visit the market during that work day and purchase their vegetables for the week and are able to choose the produce they want.  If you prefer to do a scheduled market during summers months and offer the farm box program during the rest of the year we can do that as well.



Our Corporate Farm Box Program

We are able to offer corporations a farm box program that caters to the needs of their associates.  We will come and do a mini market to kick off the program and sign up the associates and raise the excitement of the program.  We will deliver the farm boxes to your business once a week for your employees.  The program will be handled totally by us and the burden of marketing, accepting payment and organizing will be ours.  You will be offering your employees a healthy benefit that costs the corporation nothing.  We will set up the farm stand monthly to renew the program so the employees can choose their vegetables once a month.